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Our Vision 

A compassionate world where each person's story is heard and humanity honoured.

Our Mission

We bring your stories to life, expanding understanding, deepening connections, and unleashing the power of imagination. The experience transforms.

"Let's Watch!"

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Introductory Playback Theatre Workshop: June 25, 2023



Embark on an Adventure!

In this fun-filled day you will:

  1. Learn the basic forms and techniques of Playback Theatre
  2. Explore your creative potential through Playback Theatre's unique improvisational form
  3. Share and re-enact personal stories in respectful, imaginative and powerful ways
  4. Expand your expressiveness to serve you and your community

Play with Like-Minded Souls!

For those with no previous acting experience, all that is required is:

  1. Curiosity and willingness to explore your spontaneous creativity
  2. Your own unique life experiences to share

For improv and dramatic actors, come prepared to:

  1. Deepen your emotional connection to stories and create powerful portrayals of personal experiences in collaboration with others
  2. Challenge yourself to reveal more of your heart and soul

Playback theatre gives individuals and communities a powerful way to share the stories that live among us.

Playback is an exciting form of theatre like no other: it builds bridges of understanding and empathy, changes lives, enriches communities, is imaginative, fun and daring and can change the way you look at yourself and the world!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you have to be physically fit to participate?

Playback involves some physical movement, so a basic level of fitness will allow you to participate more fully.


What do I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. If it's a warm day, then light summer wear is recommended.


Is there a cost to participate?

Yes, the cost is $79.95 plus service charges


I have a question that isn't answered here. Whom can I contact?

Please email us with any questions at


Ready to sign up? Reserve your spot HERE.



About Vancouver Playback Theatre

Using sound, movement, text, music and fabric, Vancouver Playback Theatre reenacts and honours an individual’s personal story while simultaneously illuminating underlying universal themes that create our common humanity. At a deep level, one has the experience of, “we are in this together”, and “we share this story together”, building empathy and understanding. When people share their personal stories in this fashion, a profound shift occurs in their willingness to focus on commonalities rather than judgment of others, facilitating the building of trust and connection among a wide diversity of people. In this manner, Playback Theatre promotes understanding and compassion, and has been used in many challenging contexts, including bullying in schools, cross-cultural disputes, and political and religious conflicts around the world.

Vancouver Playback Theatre (VPT) is composed of multi-talented professionals with skills and experience in many areas, including group facilitation, adult education, training, counselling, coaching, organizational development, leadership, acting, singing, and musical composition. 

VPT’s wide range of clients includes Vancouver Community College, Amnesty International, Continuing Legal Education of British Columbia, Disability Resource Network of BC, Genome BC, International Society for Performance Instruction, Thompson Rivers University, Richmond Multicultural Community Services, Peace It Together, Greater Vancouver Mental Health, Vancouver/Richmond Health Board, Rare Disease Foundation, World Peace Forum, Students Wanting to Encourage Education and Prevention on Drugs and Alcohol, Unity of Vancouver, and the B.C. Psychologists Association.

VPT offers a wide variety of services, including public and conference performances, workplace conflict resolution workshops, peace-building in schools, community engagement projects, and Playback skills training, in person (when possible) and virtually (via ZOOM). 

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