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Our Vision 

A compassionate world where each person's story is heard and humanity honoured.

Our Mission

We bring your stories to life, expanding understanding, deepening connections, and unleashing the power of imagination. The experience transforms.

"Let's Watch!"

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About Playback Theatre

Playback Theatre was created in New York in 1975, with the intention of returning theatre to its storytelling and community-building roots. Playback Theatre directly engages participants in sharing life experiences and ideas related to themes of importance to them individually, and collectively as groups, organizations, and communities.

Using movement, text, music and fabric, participants’ life experiences are “played back” in moving, imaginative, often humorous, and compelling ways. Individual stories are honoured and universal themes are illuminated, celebrating both our diversity and our common humanity. At a deep level, participants experience a personal story as a shared story, profoundly shifting their willingness to focus on commonalities rather than judgment of others.

Overall, the power of Playback Theatre is five-fold:

1. It has the ability to build trusting relationships by creating safe and respectful spaces where life experiences are shared, fostering connection through commonalities, and respect for differences through deepened understanding, cultural sensitivity, and empathy. This foundation of trust can then be leveraged into commitment to action;

2. It builds capacity by providing opportunities for participants to learn from each other and problem-solve through sharing life experiences, knowledge, wisdom and ideas;

3. It impacts and motivates people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds who might not respond to other more conventional information sharing formats – e.g. formal workshops, websites, written notices – because of learning styles and/or language barriers;

4. It is both entertaining and educational, engaging participants’ hearts and minds. This opens a door for even the most hesitant or cynical to become engaged, learn more, and take action;

5. It can influence systemic change through the cumulative impact of individual and group actions.

Since its inception in 1975, Playback Theatre has grown to more than 150 troupes in over 30 countries around the world, encompassing many different languages and cultures. It has been used in many challenging contexts, including bullying in schools, cross-cultural disputes, and politic and religious conflicts.